A Couple of Videos about the Ranger EV Conversion

Just met a really great guy, Gord Hayes, who is also into electric vehicles. He is a member of the Alberta Electric Vehicle Association and wanted to interview me and shoot some video of the Truck conversion. Here is the short promo version on Youtube. This second one is longer and has me speaking about... Continue Reading →

What Can You Do in an Electric Truck?

Well you can load up your kayak, go out into the country and go kayaking down the river! The EV Ranger is running very well now. Trips around the city or even out on the highway are starting to seem, well, normal. A small pickup truck is very useful. A small electric pickup is the... Continue Reading →

EV Ranger Specs

I started out with a 1984 Ford Ranger. It came with the 2.0 litre 4 cylinder engine and a 4 speed manual transmission. I kept the transmission and clutch. Now this is what we have under the hood: AC51 3 phase AC electric motor - 144 volt Curtis 1239 Controller - 144 volt Thunderstruck 2500... Continue Reading →

The Old and the NEW

My truck is a mix of old and new in a few different ways. First, it is 37 years old. All the EV components I just installed are brand new. I like older cars. They just seem better built and easier to work on with just basic tools. Much better suited to a backyard shade... Continue Reading →

52.4 km – First Long Range Test

The Electric Ranger did good. Drove all over the other day, putting her through some rigorous punishment. In other words, normal driving. I made sure to go up some steep long grades. I was worried about the controller overheating but my new cooling system seems to be working. No issues. In fact it was a... Continue Reading →

How much did it COST??

Everyone wants to know that. How much? My budget was $15,000 CDN. I came in just under. So on time and on budget. The total to go from gas burner to test run down the alley on electric power was $14,791 not including the cost of the truck. I will have to spend more during... Continue Reading →

What The Hell Happened?

Truck died again while on a test run. Was driving fine until I tried to go up a fairly steep and long hill. Just got to the top and then power cut out. Made it to an intersection and pulled over. It was creeping forward but not enough to really drive it. Managed to turn... Continue Reading →

Cooling !

It turns out another REALLY IMPORTANT thing about designing and building your EV conversion is keeping the 2 main components cool: the motor and the controller. These 2 items got extremely hot during driving. The motor will go into reduced power cutback at 145 C and shut down at 160 C. The controller will cutback... Continue Reading →

Disaster Strikes Again!

Oh the joys of custom car building. Another test drive this one with my Daughter at the wheel.  Ultimately the car has to be as easy to drive as a production car. My wife, my daughter, your Grandma, whoever. Anyone should be able to get in the pilot seat and drive it without any special... Continue Reading →

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